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Would you like to work with an IT company that takes a genuine interest in your business?

  • Are you tired of an endless stream of different faces assigned to fix a problem that never seems to go away?
    Centerbrook Technology provides expert, courteous and responsive service designed to meet your unique business profile.
  • Would you like to work with an IT company to find solutions that match your business from a strategic and cost perspective?
  • Do you host your own servers and applications? Centerbrook Technology will help you maintain them properly, help you honestly evaluate the need for upgrades and replacements, and make sure your data is secure, backed up, and easily recoverable.
  • Are online services and “The Cloud” for you? Do predictable costs and finally letting someone else worry about the nuts and bolts appeal to you? Centerbrook Technology will help you navigate the often confusing realm of technology choices – and assist you in making and implementing choices that provide the most value to *your* business.
  • We’ve over a decade of experience working with clients ranging from sole proprietors to multi-million dollar international organizations.
  • We are fully insured and can function as your full service IT management and support team; or we can work with you and your existing IT personnel to examine, document and improve your current IT process and strategy.
  • There is no charge for an initial one hour consultation to discuss your current issues.


Let Centerbrook Technology support you.